While I've made much progress on the goals I set during my 2014 campaign, I still believe there is much to be done. Here are the issues I intend to prioritize after my re-election.

Public Safety

Although Torrance was recently ranked the 10th safest mid-sized city in the US, I will continue to support our police and fire departments with the personnel and equipment resources they need to make our city even safer. I will also continue my stringent oversight of the refinery to ensure that the residents of Torrance can feel safe in their homes. Finally, I intend to continue my work enhancing our disaster preparedness capabilities so that we're as ready as possible in the aftermath of a natural disaster.  


The last 4 years have seen major improvements to the condition of our roads, but I feel there is more we can do. I will continue to advocate for more road funding so our residents and business can enjoy smooth roads throughout the city. I will also support efforts to secure more of our drinking water from local sources. Doing so reduces costs to our water customers because we will rely less on more costly imported water and also makes us more secure should our distant water sources ever get cut off in an emergency. 

Sustainability and Environment

As an avid outdoors-man, I treasure clean air, clean water, and a healthy environment. I will continue my support of Community Choice Energy, a program I have spearheaded in Torrance, to offer electric utility customers a choice of lower rates and increased renewable energy. I will also continue my advocacy to transition our City fleet to electric vehicles, which will also lower our operating costs and save taxpayer money.